Our Stories

We are a family of storytellers that come from a community of storytellers, so often we have seen stories told about us, not by our elders, veteran families members and even young artists. This is a space that is reserved for our family to share their stories with our broader community over time.

Background Image: A bus stop conversation with a community elder in German Town, Philadelphia County // Germantown & Washington Lane // Photo Credit: Steven C.W. Taylor

Our History

Sally Blagg™ was created as a legal entity on March 9, 2017; the entity was initially organized as a biophilic atelier in order to formalize focused investment in local subject matter experts in Historic German Township. As we organized efforts, the need for us to return to Saura Township became evident; this became a return to the sacred landscapes where our ancestors are memorialized, to focus on conservation, food access, preservation, and environmental stewardship efforts at home before we move forward with any new projects. One of our elders placed this into context for us saying, “you can’t give from an empty cup.” Our team felt that deeply and we are moving inside of that energy now, as we build organizational capacity and restructure our legal entity into that of a faith-based NGO.

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