“Our capacity building approach in American port cities is a direct response to the dynamic impact that economic stress and malnutrition continues to have on veteran families post-World War II.”

David Rose, P.C.
Our Principal Curator, David Rose (above), is pictured on the steps of the Germantown White House (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) by Germantown based photographer Steven C.W. Taylor, the owner of the Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery. Mr. Taylor has been instrumental in capturing the capacity building work of Sally Blagg over the past few years.

“The worst thing about that kind of prejudice… is that while you feel hurt and angry and the rest of it, it feeds you self doubt.”

Nina Simone
Drea D’Nur and Rootstock Republic performed at a Sally Blagg co-production of the Singing Nina: A Cultural Festival & Conference in Historic Germantown (2019); the festival was in honor of Nina Simone’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Through social impact cultural programming we were able to create safe space for music therapy, dismantling psycho-emotional barriers to public spaces through design.

“The social insecurity of the worker is the real cause of their being a peril to the state.”

Otto Von Bismarck
A ‘social housing’ resident (above) is speaking with volunteers seated at an information table during the Sally Blagg sponsored resource fair at the Wister Homes in Philadelphia (PA). Our conversations with communities meet residents, merchants and institutions where they are; we curate experiences within communities in a manner that people engaged can learn in order to sustain themselves long after our engagement.

“Historically, Black and Brown communities are not invested in. Therefore, the infrastructure for food systems was not invested in; so we have a lot of corner stores, with high fat, high salt, sugary options—and we have fast food heavily centered in those areas as well, which just further disconnects people from food.”

Jasmine Thompson (for Grid Magazine)
Jasmine Thompson, owner and operator of Philly Forests, speaks at the first annual Sally Blagg Harvest Dinner alongside Historic Germantown Executive Director Tuomi Forest (left) and Kristen Clark of KSC Creative (far left). Through bringing community assets to a common table we are able to support the activation of intrinsic value, placing people together as a means to strengthen the solutions process (this conversation played a key role in our ongoing marketing sponsorship for the Germantown Farmers Market).

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