Our Approach

The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 is a single highly complicated mechanical pocket watch; featuring 57 complications. It is currently the world’s most complicated watch. This timepiece (above) is priceless.

Sally Blagg is a creative agency working on projects and initiatives internationally from the birthplace of American freedom-in-action, the Germantown section of the world heritage City of Philadelphia. Our problem solving processes pull from over a decade of experience building relationships as well as researching the histories that play a role in networked challenges; the core of our work is in the strengthening of complex systems that are designed by municipal agencies, multi-departmental institutions as well as small businesses, historic sites and creative individuals. The first phase of our work from Germantown is in service to our neighbors; we believe that adding value where we can in the place that we call home helps to define both our values and our approach to maximizing efficiency and maintaining a sustainable environment that is cognizant of existing assets.

Creative Content

Asset Based Downtown Development

Downtown management organizations, often times referred to as business improvement districts (BID’s), spend a great deal of time developing strategy around revitalizing and sustaining commercial corridors. Within these organizations the normalized approach, quite naturally, has been a needs-based one that evaluates deficits and focuses on securing external resources for development initiatives. Small towns as well …